New Beginnings Therapy

Service Evaluation February 2020


On the 13th of December 2019 during one of my scheduled sessions, my mind returned to an environmental dilemma "the tragedy of the commons" developed by a scientist Hardin, G. (1968) and published on 13th of December 1968. A good summary can be found here:

My intended article for this month were to write up a few of my professional encounters around uncertainty and the tragedy of the commons - both at theoretical and practice levels - and in doing so I were hoping to invite the readers to reflect ( in practice, too) upon potential similarities of both conceptual and theoretical grounds - my hope being to bring to light positive aspects of such reflections. My practice is born through theoretical and practical experiences , each and every session adds a better understanding to a concept and this is how professional development takes place. There is where the tragedy of the commons theory comes into play in understanding that in not thinking only to one but thinking to all - all have a greater substantial chance of achieving and change. The tragedy of the commons goes on at all levels, but what it has at its core or essence, if you may is  possibility and potentiality/ essence of being human. "Focussed but not blind" is what compassionate and developing self reflective practice means.