Thoughts on finances and regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority for private practice therapeutic services

        There are no such thoughts, professionals in my profession and in private practice are foremost regulated by principles of ethics and fairness construed and established in the very fabric of our practice. We operate and adhere to Ethics and  Guidance that also include financial care principles referred to both ourselves as legal entities and our clients/users of our services. 

We do, however, always observe all our links and interests of one form of another and sometimes not direct but indirect, ensuring that there are no liabilities within our terrain of practice - at all levels. When a contract is breached, our principles and standards are breached - and that in itself extends like a ripple effect and permeates the fabric of everything that surrounds and entails our practice. 

We recently came across a certified fact of fraud that goes on through three layers of covert operations -  financial operations - what one has to keep in mind is that we are not in the business of money making, we are in the business of support and help - that is not money making but life saving. However criminality and criminal acts are not protected through our services and like with terrorist acts are going to be seen as an attempt to break through our principles. We are not legal entities in that sense nor have a confessionary religious take on criminal acts/ - our professional space is safe as long as a client can and ensure it's safe, too. 

Couple of months ago, I was reading an article in Counselling Directory about the "costs of therapy" - this above is one such example, not so much mentioned in respective article.

Costs do not have to be monetary, investments are not necessarily of monetary value - and that is the key word: "value". In therapy value/s are psychological constructs with a myriad of meanings and interpretations. Standards, trading and consumer rights act, in therapy, come and often they do face and contrast or against Equality Legislation. 

I gave the example of the FCA as a regulator body, I did indeed checked and it was reassuring the find that the FCA is accountable and responds to HM Treasury and Parliament.

A pyramid of responsibility and regulation that has his own accountability to face up to - it was reassuring to learn such a fact, because what do you do when you find out that the FCA itself is fraud or his employees are? 

Just some thoughts.

Thoughts on finances and regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority for private practice therapeutic services