Private Practice

Psychotherapy is personal - it's a process: talking and sharing and exploring - all in one service; a choice, a voluntary choice made by you and for you.  

Psychotherapy is where a story is created, your story, with  you reconstructing and examining your experiences. Psychotherapy and a psychotherapeutic relationship help you by formulating and maintaining a  focus on reflective considerations, specific issues or more generally to overcome challenges/psychological transitions. Psychotherapy is an emotional state achieved  through a dynamic relationship with your therapist; psychotherapy is your safe space, your confidential space where you will feel safe and listened to; psychotherapy is your communication finding meaning, your meanings and newly formed understandings. 

Stories in therapy is also a method of inquiry used by a  psychotherapist when enabling rapport/ working alliance. It may be that sometimes your therapist will tell you a story themselves. That method of telling the story is a technique of empowerment, there will be choices that you make, questions, observations that you may ask - and all your inquisitiveness is going to be related or associated to  what is relevant to you - you finding your voice, a powerful discovery. In therapy all questions are relevant, it may be about relationships, strengthening a sense of self, about negotiating new situations or a reoccurring distressing theme in your life - sometimes, it is simply about a feeling or several feelings clustered together. 

Private psychotherapy/counselling are services accessible to all. New Beginnings offers concessionary fees and we are adjusting to our patients' life situations whilst considering all circumstances with ethical fairness for all our clients. Psychotherapy is a voluntary decision; it may be that an initial session to explore your options is what is needed.