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What to keep in mind and the order effect 

order effect

1. in within-subjects designs, the influence of the order in which treatments are administered, such as the effect of being the first administered treatment (rather than the second, third, and so forth). As individuals participate in first one and then another treatment condition, they may experience increased fatigue, boredom, and familiarity with or practice with reacting to the independent variable. Any of these conditions could affect the participants’ responses and confound the results of the study. Researchers often use counterbalancing to control for order effects. See also carryover effect', sequence effect. (American Psychiatric Association, (APA) Dictionary of Psychology, 2021)

         The above is a comprehensive definition and pertinent to specific knowledge - knowledge confined to psychology - mainstream - not so much to critical psychology: a counterpart that is assessing and reevaluating theoretical and scientific knowledge produced and qualified by various strands of psychology as a science based studies (evidence based) - the study of human behaviour -  of socio-economic-political and human geography. 

However, much can be applied and reapplied with such knowledge base, particularly when reintegrated in a different framework, that of psychosocial studies or even further but... There is a “But”, nothing would matter more than stories/narratives of (a cumuli of) individual human experiences.

We are born humans and that is the very first definition and that is where and how Equality starts. We are all Man - Mankind - and minute of birth we are assigned to various categories, rights, labels, identifications, names, faith etc. - but nothing in future life prevents one to re/identify at any other point in life. Equality starts and exists with being a human - anything else after, or any next order qualification - it is an individual responsibility and a personal account of recognition. I am not suggesting that anything else is a choice, I am merely saying that Equality is not born out of fragmentation, but a choice and yes, indeed an order effect given at birth and for the duration of one's life. And I believe here is where human effect rather than order effect could intervene at any point in life. It is never too late in appropriating and understanding (or identifying) one sense of self. Everyone has a responsibility and accountability for that to happen. Everyone has a right, human right to being them/self. I would go further than that and say, that by being human, everyone has a responsibility and accountability to being human as themselves, before identifying any other birth right or naming. Appropriation of every other identification comes with much accountability and responsibility. There is always a choice. Always a choice including that of renouncing a birth right or identification or any other name category, for instance that of a nationality. That is something one can renounce or re/think in a course of life. Or any other type and or category part of a man made system of classification. That is not by being Radical but by being Fair to yourself. There are cases in the world, still, that by accumulating more than one or two ways of being - order effect - it is rather harmful to one self. I have one example in mind of dual nationality, still imprisoned and unable to free herself. That to me is enough to think that there is no higher authority, but that of HUMAN RIGHT to Exist therefore to decide for oneself rather than think there is something or someone out there that would come and save you. In a movie perhaps, but real life stories are what they are and that to me is evidence base knowledge. Identifying as a citizen or dual citizenship, more often than not, one is left with nothing other than themselves to Count and account. For them I speak.  

What I had in mind for this month was a case study that I have been working on for over 14 years now. This month (May 2021) is the right time to publish it and publish it here. Or not. This case study is absolutely not disclosure, except for I working on it. 

My order of identification remains as:

1. I am Human

2. I am Woman -  and on this second identification I also say: I am Mother. It is my choice and it is about me. I was not always a Mother BUT always a Woman. I do not see that as fragmentation perhaps multiplication of same self-identified category. To me is important and that is my choice and my Order Effect. It was not always a choice, at least not before I actually experienced motherhood. Many could argue that same for Woman, except my body tells me different. I am not suggesting that Woman and Mother are interchangeable. I am just giving you an example as to how Order effect can work in real life without application of mainstream sample element. However, the second I say: I am a Mother - I also say: I am recognizing a system: an institution hence Mother to me is institutionalized. Same with saying: I am a Parent - I am not identifying a belonging to a group, but a System, hence again institutionalized. And same with any other identification including race, ethnicity and nationality or citizenship. All part of System not classifications, but Systems, and therefore institutionalized; this is my argument and it is based on years of study of lived experiences - not mine, but also mine. 

Tomorrow, there is a BBC story on Medical Advances on Human Unborn Fetus. Today, I say that no advance in Medical practice is better or good enough for centuries of wrong doing, nevertheless, I do practice positivity and such positive aspects of saving one's life are remarkable for what they are. And still exclusive for what they are. Exclusive of any gratitude from me. Exclusive because when One suffers One is enough to also Count for All suffering. Consequences are funny things. 

And so I return to completing 1 and 2, and say that it's enough for me to navigate my self-map, enough to understand and say:  I am. Differing perspectives are always going to be accepted.

 The case study that I had in mind it is a century old in its origin of study, it goes back to 1919-1920 and it concerns wearing a mask and a name: Joan Riviere. The mask that I speak of concerns a mask of knowledge, a mask of understanding how self-map is formed into the world. In this case study the mask stays always with the world - it is a cultural understanding, the I is formed by culture, politics, socio-economic status and human geography. It is never appropriated and when it becomes a self-identification that it's different from "normativity" or such exclusive understandings, the who/they are seen as deviating from the norm and experience violence - the type of violence that is unspeakable, unimaginable and (very) rarely talked about. That happens within the fragmentation of Being Human and self identification beyond that.  WOMAN's experiences are part of that story and sometimes such stories are part of or too within the mask - but unlike any other category Woman (is) not part of a System/ institutionalized - hence WOMAN's power and possibility. 

Many will disagree and rightly so - everyone is entitled to a point of view - this space is not restricted - , but I claim WOMAN as my second order category and see it as first order - higher order or equal to I am Human=I am Woman. Anyone care to dismiss that? 

Yes, many are and many will, but I am enough to stand for that. I am one and One is enough. I am not claiming belonging to a group, thus to have a second Woman by my side, but if anyone else aligns are very welcomed. 

My standpoint as Woman is enough for me to start building my understanding of the world around and see difference/ I will stay with human woman for the rest of my days. I am good with that. 

Joan Riviere seminal paper on female sexuality and "enigma" of "womanhood", what that may be, was interpreted by me as a turbulent time of finding new meanings, new ways to express an ephemeral reality:

 "category of Woman/Women only needs Woman/Women to describe it and explain it to the world and not the other way around. That is the order effect. Each and every identification of self,  makes up self. There is a choice. Always a choice".

1. I am Human;

2. I am Woman;

Or I am a Woman and Human or I am Woman. 

Anyone can say I am... 

and then finding their way to what next.

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