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January 2021

Seeking Freedom in therapy and links that matter

New Beginnings Therapy is not a non-profit institution, but New Beginnings Page Site is a branch of New Beginnings Therapy that it is in its entirety charitable and non-profit, providing original research and free access to all from its resources.

In spirit of such charitable work we conducted an evaluation of all research and writings available and free access on all including Counselling Directory  where we have published several articles; New Beginnings Therapy  has links and associations to various charities and non-profit organisations with many years of honorary consultancy and psychotherapeutic development offered as charitable events to our actionable compassion mission to affect and effect; for instance, the National Health Services NHS  - two specific Trusts within Greater London Area as public service organisations - work extended over a period of 6/7 years - NBT non-profit work; Five Charities including Age Concern, Community Based Charity in Tower Hamlets and Centre 70; Centre 404 working with families with disabilities and Haringey Council community based work in Homelessness and Youth work - organisations funded by contracts gained by Housing Associations such as Circle Anglia  - all work involved non-profit, charitable work and honorary work on part of NBT.

New Beginnings Therapy is closely linked to the public sector also in its association with non-profit, voluntary work conducted with the Financial Conduct Authority - FCA (Former Financial Standards Authority - where we worked with its employees in Audit department and rotational department rota for over two years between 2006/2008) and by volunteering at primary and secondary schools for periods of 3/4 years working with groups of children and one-to-one support, offering much needed extra support.

We have recently promoted a profitable side of New Beginnings Therapy   - by offering work at 70% discount of our standard prices to various Higher Education Institutions and Departments within the UK Government, but we also applied 100% of our standard and business prices to Commercial and for profit agencies/organisations within the UK territory such as Law Firms and other enterprises. We are acting on fair Standards of work and any individual that are contacting us on behalf of an organisation - we are offering services to that organisation as it were an individual. For instance, the NHS Trust that had recently been in touch with us, we have offered services to the Trust/ business rates and as one individual had been in contact. This contract is not honorary and invoices produced are going to be honored. The moment you put a request through with us, that is the moment that you are invoiced for services and as such one needs to be thinking acutely careful when one makes a request for services to us.

At Core of our work are fundamental principles of offering charitable work through Honorary positions and Voluntary choices that we fulfilled not in pursuit of financial gain nor in seeking practice development. New Beginnings Therapy covered all costs and training involved in such charitable acts and our only gain* involved a (self) statement such as: Job well done

Nevertheless, New Beginnings Therapy constitutes a not non-profit entity, independently of how many honorary and or voluntary charitable acts we have been actively engaged in and or currently developing - it is our choice and freedom of choice  to self-define as: owners of an enterprise that is not nonprofit - double X negative /rules of math applies

Below are links and statistics involved in our free offer to communities and readership seeking management of mental health or practice tips; we do not consider the below articles as forms of promoting our practice, but we do strongly consider it as helping and supporting those looking for help.


1. On sleep and functional wellbeing: The meaning of space  (FiveS's - developed on sleep and functional wellbeing -  the strategy is a visualisation technique in its essence)

Published on 16th of June 2019 - the article was read 79 times first month and since on average of 8 times per month. Here is a link:

2. Timeline: a simple exercise? 

Published on 21st of June 2019 with a first viewing of 193 times in June 2019 following with an average of 240 views every month since; Here is a link:

3. Therapy for anxiety and building a sense of self   - original title: "Anxiety and a sense of self - confidentiality issues for online practice"

The article was published on 11th of July 2019 and viewed/read 47 times within the first month with an average of 7 times per month since. Here is a link:

4. Anxieties around managing organisational change -" Being yourself exercise"

Published on the 15th November 2019, this title was read 47 times in its first month and thereafter 8 times a month on average; Here is a link:

5. The value of rethinking your opportunities

Published on 16th of April 2020 it had 323 views/times read during the first month and an average of 40 times a month ever since; Here is a link:

6. Many kinds of love and rescue factors in Anxiety

Published on 23rd of June 2020 with 79 views in June and an average of 7 times a month ever since; Here is a link:

7. Breathing exercises or Breathwork in Therapy 

Published on 27th October 2020 with 20 views in October and an average of 11 times per months since;

Here is a link:


Statistics are offered as a way of understading readers's interest and timing of publication.

Next in our plan is to look at all six loves from the ancient Greek studies of love including Eros and Agape. Pragma and Philia had been covered in previous articles/ We will also aim to compound all such myths in one event forum as to how Many types of love can be intergrated in various models of therapeutic practice - we think it an original and compassionate way of allowing and clearing a pathway to healing

February is dedicated to "decency" and we have real cases with publishing rights and some without consent because services are not recongised/ are not within the realms of possibility to be recognised  - meaning that real names and situations are not anonymised as it goes straight to the title of our next article: Is Decency a trait? On that we aim to conduct a real experiment on human experience and check live if it is or not. For instance, we are very much against any publication or publishing rights in any context when human experience is related to privacy even if perceived as opened* to public eyes. The only person that decides between private and the public is a human being utterly involved in that process. There are experiences that stay with us  - and experiences that we discard upon request. 

Our growth is much about reading and engaging with women's voices from around the world and across many centuries - our hunger for knowledge is not about hearing* more* but allowing voices to catapult itself from what was not heard before. We are fortunate on that. 

For our partners at Counselling Directory we plan a new article on how we decide on next direction in life and best ways to problem solve long term goals.