Excerpt from chapter 4 page 187/189

Key: MD=psychotherapist

P3=Patient 3


00:05:19 MD

And I was also wondering, we’ll have a look at values because it’s something we haven’t….

00:05:27 P3

 Done yet, work value, and prioritize that (overlapping conversation).

00:05:30 MD

Yeah, we talked about it in terms of family. And you had that ……list and goals in different kind of areas of your life. And I think this is going to make sense if you look at the list…

00:05:45 P3


00:05:46 MD

…and then look at the values, and go and see your priorities, and see where you invest yourself more, and perhaps how you balance that and what you bring from your home life into work and vice versa.

00:05:59 P3


00:06:00 MD

You know, that idea of I’m going to go away and I’m going to leave everything behind. That’s long far gone now. How do you feel about that thought now?

00:06:09 P3

 Well, I’ve…in terms of my travels and stuff, I’ve looked into it a little bit more carefully. And, now, I just have to book. I know where I want to be, where I’m going to go. But I do see myself coming back and trying to find work and engaging with the family. In fact, I don’t think they’re not going to let me not engage while I’m away. But I still want to have that break because it’s…

00:06:33 MD


00:06:33 P3

 …I think it will be healthy for me.

00:06:34 MD

But isn’t it somehow slightly in different terms?

00:06:36 P3 It’s different now, yes. It’s not me running away from everything. It’s me having a break, clearing my mind, reflecting on life, and just deciding what I want to do with (overlapping conversation).

00:06:44 MD

Yeah. Okay, good, good. And I think…I’m sure by the end of the next XXX weeks, you will have quite a solid idea, you know, very concrete about what you would like to do or I hope so anyway

00:06:59 P3


00:06:59 MD

Right? Okay.

00:07:00 P3

I have to say though, like every time I go into work, I keep thinking, ‘Oh man, I just want to hand in my resignation now,’ because it gets stressful some days. But then, I have to remind myself, ‘No, actually, I’ve got plans that are set aside for OLOLOLOL. I have to keep working.’ So, that, and not just not doing anything for a while.



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