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 May 2019-2039


Permanent Event: A Case of Terrorism - How Prevent Training Enables Early Detection:

Devonshire Solicitors 

London - terrorist nature with names Kerri Harrison  (solicitor) and paralegal Georgia Goddard

Financial Conduct Authority( FCA) Director Nikhil Rathi )

involved in Terrorism, Money Laundering and Fraud with   Joyti Rathi from V&L Holdings Ltd and Investec Bank Plc.

 Criminal Activities - what is it that a system responds to when individual in specifics roles are conducting criminal acts? 

Prevent is a Government (UK) programme training in 4P:

I would add an R: for Recognize

  Peer Conference and Case studies London June/July 2019 - 2039


13th May21

On Ethnicity, Race and Citizenship - What are we missing in Systemic Bias?

Group Conference in partnership with Royal Courts of Justice, Central London/ Recordings 


27th May21

 Review:  Paraphrasing in Psychotherapy  - what do we need to know

Conference Group call/ Peer review support


9th ​June21 

Wellbeing and Every Day Stress - Group Stress Control Meeting  - London

Bloomsbury Conference