New Beginnings Therapy

Freedom and what it means in therapeutic terms 

The below is an excerpt from a case in their own words. Consent was given for publishing.

".......My father owns a vineyard, some of the land all the way from his ancestors - most of it actually except for what has been given to the state in 1960s when the communist agricultural reform took place and after, and again after - my father tried really hard to pass on a tradition, a legacy - with little luck really as he had two daughters for consideration = with none being interested in wine making industry other than for personal consumption. I am thinking now as how to negotiate with him a letting go contract and it feels difficult - for years now, my father had to contract others to work the land and assume some subcontracting rules. It feels that such a scenario is a lingering moment in many lives - when traditions, legacy and much more comes into play. December2020 is a difficult month for the UK, you read the news of negotiation on something that has long been agreed upon and then one wonders - how this final message is going to come to light - people's want (some) electoral vote on one reform, but does anyone really understands what else it comes with? Not so sure it can be quite so positively and certainly agreed, one collective decision is in place what comes after are details as to how best to implement such a request- how to give in and not to give out> If that is a main question than perhaps a reformulation of that question is to give in and ask for a give in. Everything is taxed and when comes to a national trade on a national territory than everything is taxed - and as such perhaps the big question should not be about a war on control, but about a negotiation on gains. Freedom, conceptually is about same. I had fought so hard to tell my father that he needs to reconsider his ways of attending to his legacy, he cannot do what he used to do 50 years ago or even 10 years ago - he needs to find a suitable way that will allow him to still live his retirement years and continue to have a feeling that he is still fighting for a legacy - I for one can tell him that I have high regard for wine making and somehow educated on wine tasting - not on expert beyond European waters.

Freedom it is not about control or persistency/tenacity - Freedom is about acknowledgement of what adjustments and what it is best at one given time. I would not block Brexit discussions with trades on British territory waters and fisheries - I would adjust it to discussions on tax to the British Government of anything that it’s located within such a territory. Going on trading percentage of revenues and income does not agree with what Leave Referendum indicated in the first place. Am I proud of that? No I am not. But can I go against it? No I cannot. Because the will of the people should not be questioned except when there is a threat to life and one law goes against the livelihood of humans and humanity. Am I against a second Referendum for Scotland - No I am not - and if it is an indication enough that that is what it is merited to happen than no one should stop that. Ever. We have history to read again and again and the more we read, again, the more could be understood. 27 Countries are powerful but the British Vote spoke - and that is what matters now. Futile to say that we cannot count the fish in our waters and that we have to agree in negotiations of all other aspects that are impacted, but you can't play silly games  with people's vote. Choice - Enough. Britain had a chance - now it is time to enact that - no matter what. It is not about percentage and negotiation, it is about cutting the ties and form new rules completely. My father still has the vineyards and my childhood memories are most wonderful - but would I say to a 70+ keep going because I will never follow you? I would not. Freedom sometimes, and always in therapy, means letting go! - Life is a flow and everyone needs to tap into that flow - resistance is only going to buy a short, unnecessary time, detrimental to all. Trust yourself, always. If it is a yes, follow the yes. If it was never a yes! Than resist and fight for change. When I've disagreed with a decison and I had a choice in law to recognise it or not - I will never let go. I shall make it my mission in life to not let go. But if it is about an electoral vote on choice of millions, don't become a misunderstood*, adapt and adjust and understand what was never understood before. I am of dual nationality and I know where I am welcomed and where I am not. Freedom is not about resisting to a majority, but fighting criminal application of basic human rights - and human laws are made by humans, again and again and again - they are called precedents.

My January21 wish is to visit my overseas friends without having to pack three types of passports but one single passport and wear my smile. Easy, right? Nope. Anything but easy."