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Madalina Day Founder of New Beginnings Therapy 

About: Our therapeutic approach allows for your exploration of personal experiences resulting in a case conceptualisation and answers that are emotionally meaningful to you. 

During your first couple of sessions we are going to establish a focus to your work including identifying your issues/needs/challenges/difficulties. We shall agree on your therapy goals and a schedule to your work. Your therapy is a process and as such is open to reviews, signposting changes and allowing for recognitions of your therapeutic development. Therapy is your space, your confidential and safe space of exploration and self-growth.

How can we help: We build trust with you, we build confidence with you; together we create and collaborate - from the moment you reach out to us, we will respond. Our first meeting or online conversation, as it may be, will offer us both a chance to explore your difficulties and my ways of working. We will discuss steps forward and whether the type of therapy I practice can be of guidance to you. Our therapeutic encounter is key to our work together.

Why reaching out: A therapeutic process is an exploration of transitions/psychological changes. Our communications and interventions will guide you through a self-introspective journey, a search for answers. one of the most important lessons in therapy is that of a client's recognition for a need to relate - relatedness - essence of being human.  

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Our practice is aligned to core values and ethical practices 

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