Madalina Day and New Beginnings Therapy  

Postgraduate Certificate in Gender Studies and Psychoanalysis, BA (Hons) Psychology, BSc Psychodynamic and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy,

 Clinical Supervisor British Psychological Society (BPS)  approved training,

 Member of European Association of Clinical Psychology and Psychological Treatment (EACLIPT) and  Member registered with MBACP(Reg)

Author of poetry compilations 2007 -2016 and textbooks in publishing process for the undergraduate market of psychological and psychotherapeutic counselling professions, but most of all Mother, Dual Citizen, Officer and


Founder of New Beginnings Therapy Copyright© 1998

About: My therapeutic approach enables you to seek answers that are emotionally meaningful to you. Therapy is your space, your confidential and safe place of self-growth.

How can I help: Our first meeting is about your opportunity to engage in an understanding of your difficulties. You will learn about my practice and what it can offer. Our therapeutic encounter is key to our work together, a collaboration.

Why reaching out: therapeutic process is about psychological changes and best guidance to navigate such changes. Our communication is your guide, a journey and a search for answers. The need to relate and understand best ways in doing so are of essence to being human. 

My practice is psychological, psychoanalytic, psychodynamic, and CBT at its core, all very distinct modalities and, not integrative. The ethical and legal guidance of all work is protected and safeguarded by the New Beginnings Therapy incorporating European Union Conventions of Human Rights, United Nations Conventions of Rights, legal Legislation of Equality Act 2010 UK, Legal guidance and policies of psychological Practice in both the EU and the UK, and Universal Human Rights. New Beginnings Therapy has no constrains and limitations and we adhere to all Good practice under principles of safety, patient's self-governance and autonomy.

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